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We offer our customers the organization in the transport management of products to work on your behalf. To do this we use multiple forms of shipping to meet your needs, for example direct couriers, generally used for repetitive jobs or for important quantities or we use fast forwarders when the time of supply is important to you.
As an alternative, on request, it is possible to manage the shipment through more "traditional" shipments.
For exceptional cases, we use our own transport.


STENO SRL add to the new plants in STAINLESS STEEL for surface finishing of small components, inserted last December, a new manual STAINLESS STEEL peening machine for the execution of sampling, the processing of small lots and out of series.
The flexibility of the new plant allows us to increase our ability to manage modest quantities, for example for end of the series, allowing us to remain flexible and competitive, and also optimizes times as it does not require a particular setup-machine.
The new plant makes it possible to improve the management of production lots, supporting automatic systems with the ability to manage products composed of different parts, which require special treatment. It has the ability to work on materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plexiglass or other plastic and metal materials.

Steno makes the difference

Over the years, STENO SRL has grown from semi-automatic processing to more automated management of the production cycle.
In the first four months of the year, we reorganized the planned and preventive maintenance plan.
We have perfected in our systems the use of a dedicated software for the maintenance management of our plants and equipment to provide greater production continuity with a new and more efficient plan.

Increasingly our customers consider the benefit of being able to face emergency situations or to react promptly to production requests. Through the planning and the maintenance of the plants, STENO SRL goes in this direction and gladly welcomes the customer's requests.

The availability of automated robotic satellite systems for the finishing of small components and their maintaining in efficiency, allow us to work with cycles close to the limits of the technical parameters, being able to concretely offer particular finishes that are difficult to manufacture. Steno makes the difference by meeting the client's needs.


Between the months of November and December 2017 Steno srl will activate a new automatic peening or micro-peening system for surface finishing, suitable for various finishing treatments that could be applied to metal micro components, which may have already carried out tumbling processes, and before the various galvanic treatments, PVD coating, sputtering, anodic oxidation, etc. With the new plant for surface finishing we aim to increase our service in the fields of small metal parts, surface treatments of fashion accessories, precision components of various metals, in particular on stainless steel components, aluminum, but also brass, zama and plastic materials, including plexiglass and methacrylate.
The surface finishing process by peening that we can carry out is usually performed on components obtained by molding or by mechanical machining. The peening process can be applied, according to the quality standard to be obtained, with or without the tumbling process; the peening or micro-peening treatment is particularly suitable before the various surface finishing treatments, for example the galvanic ones, PVD coating, sputtering, anodic oxidation, etc.
The peening treatment for the finishing of small components surfaces, made with the new automatic system, is particularly competitive in production costs and lends itself to small / medium-sized components with specific weight content. The finishing effects that we can obtained can be different from one to another, depending on the raw materials used.
We are available to evaluate the technical and economic aspect of the desired finish.


04-05-2017 - In the ongoing technological innovation at our company, we have installed a new generation compressor with inverter complete with air filtering and air diffusion systems.

This technique allows us to increase production efficiency by optimizing energy consumption.