FINISHING TYPEGlass MicrobeadsCeramic MicrobeadsStainless Steel MicrobeadsAluminum OxidePlastic Grain
Stainless steel finishing
Aluminum finishing
Aesthetic/satin finishing
Plexiglass and plastic materials finishing
Peening  •
Preparation of materials before anodizing, PVD and other treatments  •
Preparation for rubber-metal application    •
Metal deburring  •
Plastic deburring  •
Preparation of materials at anchorage for galvanic reportage etc.  •  •
Preparation for painting  •
Cleaning before and after welding  •  •
Uniformity of the surface layer  •
Strong roughness  •  •
Weak roughness  •  •  •


Stainless steel, aluminum, zama, brass and metal alloys industry> plastics, plexiglass, methacrylate and other industries> glass industries.Metal Micro-components> Fashion Accessories> Precision Mechanics> Automotive & Motorcycles> Optical Glasses & Optics> Watchmaking Components> Plastic Accessories> Technical Accessories for Sport> Furnishing Accessories> Electronic Industry> Glass Cosmetics Industry> Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry