Peening is a process that can be performed using glass, ceramic or stainless steel micro-beads.


Peening treatment carried out with the aid of highly wear-resistant spherical media to achieve surface finishes on stainless steel products. Especially suitable for all industries requiring technically advanced finishes.


Especially suitable for treating stainless steel and for pre-treatment on aluminum, brass and metals in general. This process is used to achieve a cosmetic, aesthetically superior finish on parts following machining. Depending on the type of blast media used, we can produce matte, bright or mirror/peened surface effects. The process can also be performed just on certain areas of the product. The finish is generally produced on bare substrates or galvanized surfaces. It can be used on stainless steel as a surface preparation prior to additional treatments, such as PVD or other processes. It can be used on aluminum parts to give surfaces a uniform appearance or prepare them prior to subsequent Anodizing or other processes.


Peening carried out on stainless steel items removes all traces of burns and gives welding imperfections oroxidized surfaces a more uniform appearance.

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