The continuous investments made over the years with the purchase of technologically advanced plants inherent to the entire production cycle, allow STENO to provide a quality service, in accordance with the agreed timetable.


After the sampling and the choice of the raw material to use, we industrialize the product, designing and realizing with our technical office, the apposite tools for the production, performing the programming.

  • Finishing tests

The choice of the finishing is an essential element for the success of a product.We offer our clients a test and sampling finishing service on their prototypes and particular, to realize for each product themost performing finishing from an aesthetic and functional point of view. For the technical aspect, we make immediate the possibility for the clients to see their finished product.

  • Technical support

We provide the costumer our experience and our know-how gained in over 20 years in peening and sandblasting finishing treatments, advising him so he could evaluate all the intrinsic aspects of the finishing. We take advantage of the external collaboration of an engineer with specific knowledge in themetal surfaces for tuning of particular processes. If you need we perform tests on the proposals finishes at a university center to verify the characteristics of the peening treatment on the pieces.

  • Industrialization process

After the sampling, the choice of the treatment and the raw material used, we industrialize the product, designing and realizing with our technical office, the apposite tools for the production. We make the programming of the production machinery, we encrypt the product and the control working of the product cycle, realizing a pre-series that we would present at the client as final result.


  • Quality and Reliability

Automation, control instruments of the production process and of the product, use of selected rawmaterials, computerization on management, make our peening processes repeatable and reliable.

  • Delivery

Computerization, programming, electronic communication service for the management of the flow of materials, allow us speed and punctuality in delivery and are fundamental elements that have always distinguished us.

  • Packing

Particular attention to the materials after the treatments with suitable packaging, also dedicated, to ensure the integrity in transport.

  • Transport

We serve the customer with direct transport service or management by means of their couriers.