Steno makes the difference

Over the years, STENO SRL has grown from semi-automatic processing to more automated management of the production cycle.
In the first four months of the year, we reorganized the planned and preventive maintenance plan.
We have perfected in our systems the use of a dedicated software for the maintenance management of our plants and equipment to provide greater production continuity with a new and more efficient plan.

Increasingly our customers consider the benefit of being able to face emergency situations or to react promptly to production requests. Through the planning and the maintenance of the plants, STENO SRL goes in this direction and gladly welcomes the customer's requests.

The availability of automated robotic satellite systems for the finishing of small components and their maintaining in efficiency, allow us to work with cycles close to the limits of the technical parameters, being able to concretely offer particular finishes that are difficult to manufacture. Steno makes the difference by meeting the client's needs.

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