Technical and aesthetic surface finishing treatments

STENO SRL offers its customers an important service, the ability to apply the finishing treatments that we perform on customer samples in order to demonstrate the aesthetics acquired by the finish and be able to allow the customer to decide what is the right finishing treatment for their product based on a weightable result that can also be evaluated from an economic point of view.
The technical aspect of the pre-treatments in preparation for the subsequent surface finishing treatments that we perform on metals or plastics is also essential. We perform various processes on metals, for example: on stainless steel in preparation for subsequent PVD Coatings, or electrolysis processes on aluminum, before anodizing or anodic oxidation treatments, etc., on other metals before coating and galvanic treatments.
The details of small parts or semi-finished products in stainless steel, aluminum, metals in general or plexiglass, acetate and other plastic materials worked with the right finishing technique can be valued in their < strong> aesthetics .

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