The offer for the finishing of small and micro-components is growing

During the month of October Steno will install a new peening system completely in stainless steel, suitable for the finishing of small and micro metal parts.
Together with this new plant, a new equipment will be used for the processing of micro-parts in bulk. STENO expands the range and the production potential for sectors where the request for aesthetic and technical finishing is important.

The new plant will allow the surface processing of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and other metals and alloys, in addition plastic materials such as plexiglass.

Steno continues to optimize the processes for the finishing treatment and pre-treatment on small metal parts and increases the potential even in the finishing of micro-parts, with particular attention to stainless steel components, offering high standards of plant safety and high quality in processing, as well as an excellent quality of the raw material used, to avoid contamination. Contact us for any samples or tests and finishing tests.

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